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Welcome to
Nina B Coaching

Coach Nina B (CPC, ELI-MP

Welcome to Nina B Coaching! I'm Coach Nina B. 


Before becoming a certified life coach in 2022, I worked in the performing arts, and later, astrology. All of my career endeavors have come from a root motivation to connect with and help others to ultimately make the world a better place. None of my endeavors have resonated with me on this mission as much as coaching, as I find that it is the most empowering and productive way to create meaningful change in our interpersonal and professional lives.


The year I became a certified coach was the year everything changed in my life. In 2022 I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease - a chronic autoimmune illness - and I left an abusive relationship. This lead me down a path of self discovery: coming to terms with my "pathological people pleasing", dealing with my high sensitivity, and working on my boundary wounds. I have a real passion for serving life coaching clients who are looking for support in these same areas, but have also collaborated with coaching clients to achieve other personal development goals in their work and personal life - from working on healthier habits, to navigating the dating world, to excelling in professional sports careers. What ignites my passion most of all is seeing my clients beam with satisfaction from achieving their goals and gaining deeper self awareness and purpose.

As a certified ELI-MP I am also trained and qualified to facilitate Energy Leadership Index Assessments, a popular tool both in the corporate world and for personal development. This tool measures energy levels and attitude to develop more awareness of one's paradigms and act more purposefully. I have a YouTube channel where I share this and other coaching tools as well as my own personal development journey, and advocate for the chronic illness community. You can tune in at Above you will also find my booking services, where you can schedule a free 15-30 minute coaching consultation to discuss how I can support you as a coach or book your own Energy Leadership Index Assesment and debrief with me. Whether it is on my channel, through my newsletter, or on one on one, I look forward to connecting with you.



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